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The SKAB-Group has its headquarters in the town of Ätran in Halland in Sweden, and consists of the companies SpecialKarosser AB, Groth Kaross AB, Lagab AB and SKAB Norge AS.

SpecialKarosser AB

In the unbelievably beautiful surroundings of Ätran, SpecialKarosser AB (SKAB) provides custom manufacturing within reason.

Groth Kaross AB

The jewel of the east coast of Sweden, Mönsterås, hosts Groth Kaross AB, which produces special customized box bodies for the transportation industry.

Lagab AB

Lagab is located in the famously beautiful town of Laholm. This is where swap boxes, demountable box bodies, towed vehicles and customised equipment are produced.


SKAB Norge AS is situated just north of Oslo, in Hakadal. This is the location of sales and service for SKAB, Lagab and Groth Kaross in Norway.

We have made a special promotional video for you who like information about quality products, presented in an easy way, with a twinkle in the eye. All in the good and true spirit of the SKAB Group.

Production: Callseestudios (info@callseestudios)
Music: Carl-Oscar Korenado
Lyrics: Carl-Oscar and Tomas Korenado