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The SKAB Group is the market leader in specialised and customised solutions.

The SKAB Group has its headquarters in the town of Ätran in Halland, and consists of the companies SpecialKarosser AB, Groth Kaross AB, Lagab AB and SKAB Norge AS. The group company manufactures custom carriers with sandwich design for the transportation industry, as well as special, mobile structures for many different purposes.

Special solutions are our standard solutions!

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SpecialKarosser AB

In the unbelievably beautiful surroundings of Ätran, SpecialKarosser AB (SKAB) provides custom manufacturing within reason.

Groth Kaross AB

The jewel of the east coast of Sweden, Mönsterås, hosts Groth Kaross AB, which produces special customized box bodies for the transportation industry.

Lagab AB

Lagab is located in the famously beautiful town of Laholm. This is where swap boxes, demountable box bodies, towed vehicles and customised equipment are produced.


SKAB Norge AS is situated just north of Oslo, in Hakadal. This is the location of sales and service for SKAB, Lagab and Groth Kaross in Norway.

We are using this site to display some of what we can do and what is possible in terms of mobile solutions for various application.

SpecialKarosser AB (SKAB) was founded in 1967, and even then, the business was based on building customised carriers for trucks. As the years passed, the company grew substantially, and it is currently the leading manufacturer in Scandinavia. In 1995, SpecialKarosser AB (SKAB) became the first Swedish custom truck body manufacturer to become ISO 9001 certified, and we work hard to continuously improve. SpecialKarosser is on the cutting edge and constantly strives to become even better. Your opinions are an important part of that.

Being environmentally conscious is becoming more important every day.

As a natural part of this, SpecialKarosser introduced an external environmental management system according to ISO 14001. At the start of 1998, Specialkarosser became certified to this standard. Since 2002, SpecialKarosser has been certified according to AFS 2001:1 – Systematic Work Environment Management, which handles the indoor environment.  In this field as well, SpecialKarosser AB was the first Swedish customiser to become certified and one of the first companies in Sweden. In 2020, the environmental certification was updated to ISO 45001.

ISO certifierade sedan 1998, 2002 även enligt AFS 2001:1, uppdaterat till ISO 45001 år 2020. Kvalitets tänka på alla delar både för kund och miljö.

We have made a special promotional video for you who like information about quality products, presented in an easy way, with a twinkle in the eye. All in the good and true spirit of the SKAB Group.

Produktion: Callseestudios (info@callseestudios.se)
Musik: Carl-Oscar Korenado
Text: Carl-Oscar och Tomas Korenado

SKAB-Gruppen, med kvalité och varieté.
Ihop med läcker inramning av våra härliga kvalitetsprodukter, så bjöd vi på extra glädjefyllda avbrott från den sedvanliga vardagen, vilken för med sig mycket och rullar på väldigt fort i våra liv. Vi tror det så kallade allvaret behöver brytas ibland, vilket är generellt för måendet.
Så, vi skapade en annorlunda och fantasirik montervärld,
fylld av allehanda härliga överraskningar.
Glädje inkl maxad och fantastisk service från SKAB-Gruppens suveräna monterteam!!
Tack alla besökare och det var rekordmånga under mässveckan.
Vi har som ett gott minne tagit fram en rätt rejäl film, som vi med glädje bifogar.

Musik: Alexander Korenado

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