customised box bodies are designed and manufactured according to your precise needs. There are also specialized facilities for high-tech production of sandwich panels for every conceivable possibility

In the unbelievably beautiful surroundings of Ätran, SpecialKarosser AB (SKAB) has its headquarters. Using a quality control process, customised box bodies are designed and manufactured according to your precise needs. There are also specialized facilities for high-tech production of sandwich panels for every conceivable possibility.

Everything we produce is customised. Special customised constructions – just for you!

This is why we are called SpecialKarosser AB (SKAB).

Regardless of whether it involves box bodies for lightweight loads or considerably heavier loads, SpecialKarosser has solutions for you. When you choose SpecialKarosser AB, you are choosing sturdy, durable, high quality box bodies that will provide strong long-term reliability.

Do you have so much cargo that you need two floors?
Do not worry – we can help!

Hydraulic two-levels

For more than 20 years, Specialkarosser AB has built two-level solutions – a proven product with many advantages: Now we have released a completely new generation of hydraulic, two-level boxes.
The thickness of the intermediate flooring between has been cut in half, but the maximum load remains the same thanks to an ingenious design. The thinner flooring also provides more space for air circulation. As previously, we have a sturdy ceiling that can be elevated using cylinders. Using the newly designed loading plan in combination with a completely new chassis solution, the weight has been reduced considerably – which is reflected in the increased load capacity.

Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience, combined with flexible and creative innovation, we can now offer this product that provides both quality and security! Now and in the long run!

Three year warranty

We are providing a 3-year warranty for all of our constructions so that you, as our customer, can have a sense of security, reliability and trust in the future.

Box bodies with adjustable heights

If you need a box body with an adjustable height, SKAB has just the right solution. Using this durable and functional design, you can adjust the height of the box body with the simple press of a button. With the height indicator stickers and a quick glance in the rear view mirror, you can see the actual height of the structure immediately

PIEK certified, the sound level may not exceed 60 dB

PIEK Certified

The requirements for quieter trucks are growing around the world – particularly during loading and unloading. At SpecialKarosser AB, we always want to be the leader in terms of development and to be on the cutting edge with all of our products. As the first manufacturer in the Nordic region, SpecialKarosser AB provides PIEK-certified truck body boxes. There are increasingly strict requirements that products and goods must be able to be delivered without creating unnecessary noise. This is extra important for businesses located near residential areas, for example, and that receive their deliveries in the evening or on weekends. For this reason, a special requirement standard, called PIEK, has been created, which has been widely adopted throughout the European continent. The regulations were created so that trucks and their equipment will be specially designed to be as quiet as possible. During normal loading, the sound level may not exceed 60 dB – which is a sound level comparable to a normal conversation!

At SpecialKarosser AB, you can receive box body constructions that meet these strict requirements.

Service centre

At Ätran, we have a repair workshop if something unfortunate has occurred and repairs are needed. Obviously, we also perform insured repairs both quickly and efficiently..

Sven – The Ecogate®

SpecialKarosser AB has developed a new, patented version of the energy port, Sven – The Ecogate®. This is a fast, unique energy port with a design that effectively reduces energy losses during loading and unloading. In the new version, the mechanism in the ceiling has been compressed and provides a fully open loading height in the raised position.

In addition to fixed buttons, the port is also available with a remote control device on the rear tail lift. Fabric that is particularly resistant to heat and wear runs quietly and quickly along the built-in wall tracks. It has also been tested and certified according to the PIEK standard, which means that it is allowed to be used in areas where there are requirements for quiet transportation vehicles.

 producing high-quality panels in sandwich technology for more than 30 years

SPECIALSANDWICH is part of SpecialKarosser AB and has been producing high-quality panels in sandwich technology for more than 30 years.

SPECIALSANDWICH has a modern and well-adapted production facility for the production of custom sandwich panels. For example, we have the ability to produce panels in one piece (without joints) with dimensions up to 21 × 3.4 meters.

Finishing is also done with the help of two industry unique 5-axis CNC controlled milling / cutting machines to obtain a dimensional accuracy that corresponds to the high quality of our products.

SPECIALSANDWICH is part of the SKAB Group, which guarantees quality and security. Extra important parameters when buying complex constructions.

SPECIALSANDWICH has a well-developed collaboration with the leading suppliers within resp. special area such as core material, surface layer and glue.

Sandwich panels can be manufactured with very varied materials to achieve the most optimal solution for the purpose. Sandwich panels are used today in many different environments, from simple to advanced solutions.

Sandwich panels are the optimal solution when you want to combine high strength and high insulation with low weight.

In principle, it is only the imagination that sets the limits for when, where and how to use a sandwich panel.