SKAB-Norway contact – English

SKAB Norway AS

Visiting / Delivery address
Gamleveien 453

Tel: +47 22906690

Sven-Erik Eliasson

Vidar Melleby
Tel: +47 469 31 759

Thomas Myrvang
Tel: +47 910 06 690

Frode Lyngstad
Tel: +47 905 80 286

Economic Supervisor
Paola C. Tandberg-Beltran

Warranty / Repairs / Service

Constructions from the SKAB Group are a guarantee in themselves. If you have a warranty case, we need a description of what it concerns. Either fill out this form, and submit to us, or you can write an email to If you write an email, we want you to provide the construction number (or registration number), your contact details, as well as a description of your case. We would very much like you to attach a photo describing your warranty case. It always makes it easier and things that make it easier are great!

NOTE! All possible warranty work must be approved by us before they begin, otherwise we can not bear any costs. After we have received your info, we will get back to you as soon as possible!