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GROTH Kaross AB produces customised box bodies for the transportation industry. This is where special constructions are produced, such as OB vehicles, command vehicles, and blood donor vehicles

The jewel of the east coast of Sweden, Mönsterås, hosts Groth Kaross AB, which produces customised box bodies for the transportation industry. This is where special constructions are produced, such as OB vehicles, command vehicles, and blood donor vehicles, etc.

Audio / Television (OB-vehicles)

The group has supplied OB vehicles since 1980, and in the beginning, the focus was on radio production. OB vehicles stands for Outside Broadcasting, or simply put radio or TV production that occurs outside of the studio. We have been part of the development trend from analogue-stereo-digital to 5.1 and surround sound, and we continue to be at the forefront of new technical solutions.

We are the largest provider of OB vehicles in the Nordic region, and we started supplying OB vehicles for TV production in the latter half of 1990. The technology in this area has also changed; from SD to HD, 3D and now 4K. The units can also be equipped with 3-30 cameras. The images below show units delivered to Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Audio / Television

Since 1980, we have manufactured OB vehicles for radio and TV production

TV studio on legs

Together with Lagab, this mobile TV-studio was built on Lagab’s swap body. In recent years, the TV studio has produced features about Swedish V75 and V86 horse racing competitions. The swap body allows for quick set-up, and everything around the studio can be adjusted hydraulically. For TV production, the unit can be 7.5 m wide and is designed with a standard 7.82 m length.

Exhibition vehicles

With up to 60m² inerior area, our special tailored double-expanding exhibition vehicles deliver generously space for visitors and customers.

Exhibition vehicles

Our special vehicles also include exhibition vehicles. The vehicles in the images below are driving around Europe. Both are so-called “double-expanding” units that provide an interior area of 30–60 m². Since there are often many visitors at the same time, secure and comfortable staircases are required. These are often placed in a niche compartment, so that they are protected during transport and remain clean upon arrival.

Repair centre

We also have a repair workshop at Groth. If an unfortunate accident occurs, it is actually an opportunity to help fully understand all types of repair needs.

Special vehicles

Several customisations for different types of racing have been delivered. These are equipped with complete workspaces, living compartments with a kitchen, toilet and shower, with their own electrical supply and tanks.

Mobile Library

Our mobile libraries are very popular, and we can say that they are a significant literary success. The structure is equipped with swinging bus doors and a passageway between the cab and the library section. There is even a small galley and toilet.

There is also a complete multimedia system with a folding screen, interior and exterior speakers with the option for playback from a microphone, video or radio. The vehicle is also equipped with a top-of-the-line lithium battery system, which produces 20 kWh for lighting, technology and heating/cooling. This structure can go several days without needed a charge and is also equipped with solar panels on the roof.

Mobile Healthcare units

Mobile Youth Centre

A “turnkey-ready”, mobile youth centre was made for the Skåne Regional Council With the hydraulic extender, it has an area of just over 40 m2. The mobile structure is complete with reception, maternity room, consultation room, testing room, and staff area with two toilets.

Mobile blood donor unit

A mobile blood donor unit has been delivered to the Västra Götaland Regional Council and the Sahlgrenska Hospital.  It was delivered “turnkey-ready”, which means that we delivered everything that is needed so that the structure can be put to full use immediately. The blood donor trailer can handle six donors simultaneously. An interesting and important project that can indirectly save lives.